I periodically clean out my closet of old cosplay projects, and will list the items here. Some are screen-used, and will be noted. All are sold as-is. E-mail me at contact@cosblade.com or DM me on Twitter if you’re interested in anything here!

Screen Used

Albert Wesker Boots

$60 +shipping

Used during filming of Season 3 of ASSIST ME!, and visible in the only released episode from that season, featuring Dante. These are the boots worn by Albert Wesker. Artificial leather with twin side zippers on each side of each boot. Women’s size 11, roughly men’s size 9.

Link’s Tunic and Accessories

Used during filming the SMASH BROS. special for ASSIST ME!, and visible on Link. Prices below indicate individual item costs. If you want to buy the Link stuff as a set, I will cut you a deal, just shoot me an e-mail to inquire!

Baldric (Sword Belt)

$100 +shipping

Made from genuine leather and brass hardware (with a resin front buckle plated in brass). The baldric is not adjustable to the bodysize of the wearer, and is set up to carry a sword or other weapon over the wearer’s left shoulder. Fits approximately a 40″ chest and a 30″ waist, wearer was 5’8″. Will flex within a few inches, but was not designed to be adjustable. The straps on the back can be adjusted to fit a variety of weapon sizes.


$50 +shipping

Made of genuine leather with Triforce painted on the back of the left glove. Men’s size small or medium (no tag).

Hooded Tunic

$120 +shipping

Made from thick, olive green woven cotton. Custom built, no tags, meant to be slim fit men’s size small. Wearer had 40″ chest, 30″ waist, was 5’8″. Unlined.


Batman Stuff

From my unfinished Batman costume. Halfway through the build, decided to take the costume in a totally different direction. Prices below indicate individual item costs. If you want to buy the Batman stuff as a set, I will cut you a deal, just shoot me an e-mail to inquire!


$75 +shipping

Urethane cowl, made by coolfunkcurly. Arkham Origins style, but in a steel blue instead of black. One of a kind! Fits up to 24″ head.

Grapnel Gun

$10 +shipping

Arkham Origins style. Fires and retracts the grapple hook, battery powered. Buttplate broke off and was lost, still a good prop.

Shirt and Vest

$50 +shipping

Approximately men’s size medium, wearer was 5’8″. Costume was designed to look like a tactical batsuit, this is the custom compression shirt and tactical vest, which zips up in the back and has adjustable cords at the sides. Can fit from a small to a large due to stretchy shirt and adjustable laces on vest.


$60 +shipping

Steel blue (matches the cowl) sporty knit, fully lined with polyester. 6 panels, lots of weight, lots of swish! Has two female buckles that originally hooked to armor for the suit, could easily be replaced with elastic or cording to allow the wearer to tie or just slip on the cape.

Medieval Pants

$50 +shipping

Black, genuine leather. Approximately men’s size 27 or 28 in the waist, 32 inseam. I slashed the center back to fit my 30″ waist, easily reparable if that matters. Has functioning belt loops. Worn only twice. Very comfortably, just not my style.

Deerhide Gloves

$20 +shipping

Brown, men’s size medium. Worn once or twice. I got them for my Link costume and then never actually used them because I changed the design.

Leather Boots

$65 +shipping

Bought for my Link costume, worn once (bought used) and did not use for filming because they were too tight on my toes. Nice quality, just not comfy on me. Approximately men’s size 8.5 US, no tags though so I don’t know for sure.

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