Blood Tide: The Roman’s Road is an upcoming top-down 2D RPG that I’m developing using RPG Maker MV, with multiple plugins. The game is based in a fantasized historical setting, following a group of adventurers traveling across the world during the Thirty Years War.

In Blood Tide: The Roman’s Road, players control a party of adventurers struggling to survive in foreign lands. In order to communicate with locals, they must find and befriend interpreters. In order to survive the multiple enemies they’ll face, they must upgrade and maintain their equipment. The choices they make will have lasting consequences, and will determine which NPCs will or won’t do business with them. There’s no right or wrong way to play, as all choices will still allow the player to beat the main quest, but some sidequests are only possible when making certain choices.

This game is in early development, and will be released in chapters. Chapter 1 hasĀ  a playable Alpha Demo, which you can download here if you’d like to give it a try and give me any feedback you have!


This has been a learning experience for me, and while I’m still working out bugs I’m curious as to what people think of the characters, tone, etc. The demo is roughly one hour of gameplay, if you do everything, and features the following:

  • Branching storyline, depending on player choices
  • NPCs that react to your actions, and will take either a liking or disliking to you
  • A spectrum of battle options, each type of weapon and armor has its own perks and hindrances

There is still some placeholder art in the game, and some unfinished dialog trees. I have a LONG list of bugs that need fixing and features to implement. They are:

  • Set enemy item drops
  • Add more loot to maps
  • Complete shops (certain shops don’t function at all depending on shopkeeper disposition)
  • Color code dialog trees
  • Map sprites fade too soon before battle
  • “Escaping” battle needs to relocate party
  • Shop quantities broken
  • Quest Journal should be visible even when dialog is visible
  • Smooth scroll profile text, replace James and Vlad profile images
  • Repair/Upgrade features on items that shouldn’t have them
  • Durability/Upgrades needs to be explained during intro
  • Woodcutting minigame
  • Harvesting and alchemy system
  • Additional skills needed for party
  • More optional dungeons
  • Weapon proficiency for party members
  • Complete dialog trees for all NPCs
  • Fishing mini game
  • Gambling mini game
  • New battle sprites for party and enemies
  • Final face graphics for party
  • Kitchens for interior maps
  • Visuals for sleeping at inn, and blacksmithing
  • Revamped inventory images
  • Upgradeable weapons
  • Shipwreck debris on beach
  • Intro cutscene
  • Remove grid from tiles
  • HUD for damaged equipment

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