Blood Tide is an upcoming top-down 2D RPG that I’m developing using RPG Maker MV, with multiple plugins. The game is based in a fantasized historical setting, taking place in the mid 1600s along the Barbary Coast of North Africa. The story follows James Hawkins, the Quartermaster of the pirate ship Sea Wolf, and its motley crew of characters from Europe and Africa. The characters, seeking adventure and riches, find themselves caught up in the violent politics of the Ottoman Empire and its feud with the European kingdoms. As they struggle to find their place in the world, they face ethical dilemmas and deadly enemies.

This game is in early development, and will be released in chapters. Chapter 1 is nearing a limited playable demo phase, and takes place in Portsmouth, England, where James is tasked with recruiting a crew to steal a large galleon. There will be between 5 and 10 chapters, depending on where exactly I decide to end the story. Each chapter will introduce a new city to explore, new quests for the main questline and various sidequests, new characters to recruit to the crew, and more.

I am currently planning on recruiting a few more members to the team, including:

  • an artist for motion-comic style cutscenes
  • a background artist
  • a music composer
  • a pixel artist for world tiles
  • a programmer for naval battles

The story is already written, and it just needs some fleshing out for gameplay purposes. I’m hoping to release this game via Steam. Chapter 1 would be in the neighborhood of $5, and each subsequent chapter only $1. Each chapter should provide 2 or more hours of gameplay. That’s all tentative, but for the amount of gameplay I personally think this is a steal!

Ideally, chapter 1 will get a 2016 release, but it’s difficult to guarantee that as this is very much a passion project, and I still need to implement a lot of new artwork into the engine before it’s finalized. If you have questions of any sort, please contact me! And in the meantime, enjoy this awesome concept art of James from artist Eric Martin!

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