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For those wondering, here is the list of mods for ‘Link’s Adventures in Skyrim’, viewable on my Twitch channel, and hopefully highlighted on YouTube. My complete active mods list will be listed at the bottom, but first up are the ones I downloaded specifically for my Link build. Click the titles for a direct link to the mod.

Loner’s Armor

Great for an older, grittier, Link. The Loner’s Armor is a mod that allows you to build a green and brown light armor outfit with several modular pouch and attachment options, each with its own perks so that you can build it towards a wide range of character types. The only drawback I find with this mod is that the value of Loner’s Armor is incredibly high when compared to the relatively small (and easily gathered) supplies necessary to smith it. This results in an inflated amount of experience in the smithing skill, and the temptation to abuse this oversight is strong.

That’s literally the only complaint I have. I love the look of this armor, and its stats are balanced well enough that it doesn’t feel overpowered in combat.

Navi Fairy

As I’m playing this as if a grown up Link from Ocarina of Time traveled off to Skyrim, this playthrough wouldn’t be complete without his faithful fairy companion, Navi. There are a few Navi mods out there to choose from, but I chose this one because she actually says the lines “Hey!”, “Listen!”, “Look!” and “Watch Out!”, which is a major point of nostalgia for me.

The Navi in this mod doesn’t do much in terms of combat – she will blast enemies with one or two ice spells occasionally – but her primary function is to provide an additional place to dump extra loot that bogs you down. However, I’ve found she serves a second awesome – if unintentional – purpose. Because she glows so brightly, and utilizes the same basic command functions as any other Skyrim follower, you can use her to scout out dark areas in dungeon like you would use the spell Candlelight (or for you heathens, a torch). This also serves to draw potentially hidden enemies out of hiding as they come to attack Navi.

It’s been especially useful to use her like this during my playthrough of the very dark dungeons that come with Dawnguard.

Bandit’s Eyepatch

This is one I threw in simply because we know that the Hero of Time ultimately becomes the Hero’s Shade seen in Twilight Princess – and his spectre is missing his right eye. It’s a simple touch, but I really like it, and it goes along really well with the Loner’s Armor. It can be crafted for either eye.

Blade of Evil’s Bane

What Link build could possibly be complete without the Master Sword?


There are several options out there, but this mod by JKalenad (who’s responsible for many of the mods on this list) takes the cake. Only one Master Sword can be found, making it truly unique. In addition to that, the sword can be “awakened”, unlocking enchantments exclusive to that sword, through a serious of sidequests. The sword can also be corrupted for a Dark Link build. Win win.

Hylian Shield

Another mod by JKalenad is the Hylian Shield. This shield can be crafted only after finding its schematics (and of course the appropriate smithing resources), making it as unique as the Master Sword. Not only that, but the shield can also be enchanted or corrupted, just like the Master Sword, through a series of sidequests.

It’s also compatible with…

Dual Sheath Redux

This mod is simply incredible, though it takes a smidgen of work to get it loaded and running properly. It allows for the Hylian Shield (as well as any stock Skyrim shield, or ones from compatible mods) to be worn on the back of your character, which for me really completes the Link look.

It also provides extensive options for placing dual wielding weapons on your person, and even allows you to customize where your character wears his or her quiver. I haven’t yet messed with it to its full extent, but the screenshots sell themselves.

Link’s Bow

Of course I’ve gotta have the bow Link uses in Majora’s Mask (which is rumored to be the same one his descendant uses in Twilight Princess). This mod provides that and then some. You can craft the bow – or a heavier duty “longbow” version – using elven firewood, which you get by smelting together regular firewood and certain minerals. It’s well balanced, and looks great.

Ocarina of Time

One of the coolest mods on this list – this functional ocarina (no animations included) grants your character several powers in the form of songs. These songs provide effects also provided by certain shouts, but with their own different cooldown times. The powers are only available when the ocarina is equipped, so first you have to craft it!

The best thing about this mod is that when you play the ocarina, you hear the music. It’s so awesome to hear those classic notes.

As a bonus – since I’m playing with a mod that strips you of all Dragonborn abilities – this helps to balance the scales a bit as you get to higher levels and have to face tougher enemies without your trademark Dovahkiin shouts.

Pull Mastery Hookshot

This is a fun one. It adds a number of spells (you can pick and choose which ones you want) that grant you a grappling hook just like the hookshot. I’m currently only using the non-offensive version to get from point A to point B, as I don’t think I’d find myself using the offensive version yet. This one would also be great for a MK Scorpion build, or even Spider-man, and it includes variations to match these.

I’ve been using this mod for only a couple of days, and I’ve already used the hookshot a number of times to get myself out of sticky situations, or to loot that I could otherwise only reach with the Whirlwind Sprint shout.

Hylian Goddess Spells

This is yet another mod from JKalenad (seriously, this guy’s a hero to those who want to mix Zelda and Skyrim). This mod adds an unlisted miniquest to the Bards College of Winterhold, involving a hidden “ancient enchanter” and a cryptic note to help you find the gems to create these spells.

They take quite a bit of legwork and persistency, but from what I’ve seen they’re worth the effort. I’m still working on getting everything I need for the spells, but I’ve been enjoying the hunt!


There are a few options for Epona out there, but in my opinion this one looks best, and since I’m using Convenient Horses, I can already customize my ride, so to speak. I’m yet to go to Windhelm and pick up Epona (currently i’m riding Ally, from Winterhold) but I’ll get around to it!

Kokiri/Razor/Gilded Sword

A triple whammy. This mod allows you to build the Kokiri Sword, and upgrade it to the Razor Sword, and finally the Gilded Sword, as seen in Majora’s Mask. I like to think that even adult Link would carry his faithful childhood blade as a backup weapon, and this mod does a fantastic job of matching each weapon to a Skyrim aesthetic.

This is yet another mod by JKalenad.

All the Rest

The rest of these mods are recommended for Link, and are what I’m using, but aren’t there specifically because of my Link playthrough.

  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch (just save yourself a thousand headaches and get it)
  • Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
  • Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
  • Campfire
  • Skyrim Borders Disabled
  • High Res Texture Packs (1-3)
  • Action Combat
  • Anna NPCs
  • Northern Cardinal (this was left activated by accident – so… pirates?)
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks
  • Caliente’s Body Mod (CBBE Curvy Edition)
  • Caliente’s Vanilla Armor (Bandit Pack for CBBE Curvy)
  • Arissa – The Wandering Rogue
  • Convenient Horses
  • Realistic Ragdolls and Force
  • No Spinning Death Animation
  • Marriage Dynamic Outfits
  • Quest: Into the Depths
  • Quest: And the Realms of Daedra
  • Quest: No Mercy
  • Quest: Sea of Ghosts
  • Quest: Sorcery
  • Spells Give Off Light
  • The Dance of Death – Dawnguard Edition
  • Torches for Realistic Lighting
  • Places: Amber Guard
  • Places: Granitehall
  • Places: Laintar Dale – Hearthfire Edition
  • Places: Oakwood – Hearthfire Edition
  • Skyrim Unbound (this allows me to play as the non-Dragonborn)
  • SkyUI
  • Sofia, the Funny Fully-Voiced Follower
  • Immersive Saturation Boost
  • Lock Overhaul (I didn’t want Link picking locks like a thief, so now he just bashes them open or finds a key)
  • No More Guard Werewolf Comments
  • Player Headtracking
  • Brawl Bugs CE
  • The Unclaimed Delivery (an outfit for Sofia)
  • Clean Up Your Corpses
  • ENB Snow FX
  • Further Dark Dungeons for ENB
  • Revamped Exterior Fog
  • Enhanced Lights and FX
  • EL FX Enhencer
  • EL FX Exteriors
  • Pure Waters
  • Beards
  • Statis Mesh Improvement Mod
  • Better Quest Objectives (w/ AFT Patch)
  • iHUD
  • Touring Carriages
  • Celtic Music in Skyrim 2.0
  • Helgen Reborn
  • Warburg’s 3D Paper World Map

And Finally, My Wishlist!

So what mods do I hope to find to complete this build?

  • Fire, Ice and Light Arrows (a couple mods exist from Skyrim but they’re way overpowered for my tastes)
  • A White/Gold Werewolf retexture that only affects the player (to match Hero’s Shade wolf form)
  • Link’s Voice (there are player voice mods, I’m yet to test them out)
  • Elf Ears for humans (no good results yet, and I’ve got Link as a Nord because elves all look ridiculous in this game)
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