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Batman. He really needs no introduction.

Batman is a costume I’ve been trying to build for several years to no avail. I’ve begun the costume multiple times after countless (okay, maybe not “countless”, but easily upwards of a hundred) concept sketches and Google image searches to find the right look for me.

As somebody who doesn’t really do conventions anymore, I don’t make a lot of costumes. I work on my pirate garb for faires, and I make the occasional costume for a web-series, but Batman is one I want to see through to completion. Why?

Because I’m BATMAN!

I’m just kidding. There are two reasons though. The obvious reason is that it’s bitchin’ to own a batsuit. The larger reason though is that I want to be able to attend kids’ birthday parties as the Dark Knight, and I’ll be doing hospital visits in my faire down-time for sick kids. I’m also on the radar with the local school district to do appearances for special events, once the outfit is complete.

I haven’t really used this site for some time, but I’m going to start using it as my own nerd journal. So stuff regarding gaming, costumes, web-series, etc. will go here. The ‘Build-a-Bat’ project is just the first thing. You can track my progress by checking back at this post, which will be edited until completion.

Shopping List

Ah, boy do I love lists.

All told, the above is gonna cost about USD $2,000, which makes it about twice as expensive as even my most expensive previous costumes. That’s largely because of the foam muscle suit, which is over half that cost by itself. That being said, it’ll turn me from lean and mean to Arkham-looking-brick-shithouse, and that’s an effect I want to have. It’s Batman, he’s gotta be huge and imposing, and when kids see it, I want them to believe it.

I’ve got a few things acquired already. Pretty much everything I need to make the custom gauntlets, a cowl from coolfunkcurly over at the RPF (he was awesome enough to cast it in a dark steel blue instead of black) and a fabric cape I made to match. I’m going to have the option between a black cape and cowl, and a blue one, once it’s all said and done.

Watch this space if you want to follow my progress. In the meantime, enjoy this teaser.

“Swear to me.”

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