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I am currently working with a new model of sunglasses that allows me to make sunglasses in both “Midnight” and “Afterlife” styles. I should mention it’s not the exact model that was previously used for “Afterlife” replicas. Those are extinct. I can’t find them anymore, and I don’t think they exist.

However, the new model is pretty close! The only major difference is that it uses an underwire for the bottom of the lens (which can be painted black) rather than having a frame that fully encloses the lens. In my opinion, this is a small detail, and sadly it can’t be avoided at this time.

This same model works for the Midnight style, however it lacks the double-nose bridge I had previously. This is kind of a bummer, but that’s the way these things sometimes go.

Here is the conceptual image showing both cuts:

The “Midnight” ones, based on Wesker’s sunglasses worn in Resident Evil 5 (and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3) , have shorter temples with a more prominent cut at the joint, and the edge of the temple thins out at about the sideburn area of the wearer. The “Afterlife” ones, based on those worn by Wesker in Resident Evil Afterlife (and Resident Evil Retribution) feature full length temples, with shorter cuts at the joint, and the temple thins out closer to the temple of the wearer.

I’m offering both models now, and am working on the first releases of each utilizing the new frames. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you soon! If you’re interested in either, contact me!

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