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Everyone’s favorite smack-talking, moon-walking, fourth-wall-breaking anti-hero has arrived! Oh, and so has Season 2 of Assist Me!

Our Deadpool costume is made of red and black cotton spandex, and consists of several pieces:

  • Mask
  • Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Shoes

We also have made a custom sword harness that secures snugly around the shoulders, and doesn’t need to attach to a belt! To top it off, we decorated it with a custom belt buckle on a black tactical belt, leather tactical gloves and matching black boot spats.

You might notice that the mask isn’t red and black fabric, but a red 2-hole mask with the skin underneath covered in liquid latex and painted black, complete with white eye contacts. This design is inspired by Deadpool’s appearance in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and we feel it’s the best way to capture the character’s emotions on screen, rather than a static mask like you’d find on most costumes.

We have more pics coming, so check out the episode and stay tuned for part 2! Make sure to check back later for more photos of Deadpool and all of our other costumes!

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