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Ghost Rider joins the cast of “Assist Me” in the most hellish way possible!

For this costume, we went for a practical replica of that seen in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. We had to omit a few spikes here and there so that Max could sit comfortably and move his arms without shredding his couch, but we’re all pleased with the final result! Our Ghost Rider costume consists of:

  • modified Halloween mask (that barely fit Max, poor guy!)
  • black turtleneck undershirt
  • black leather biker jacket w/ spikes added to shoulders
  • black leather gloves
  • black custom bracers with 9 spikes in each
  • black leather pants
  • black knee boots w/ 6 spikes around each cuff
  • 15′ steel chain weapon

Make sure to click “Costumes” up above for more pictures in the very near future.

Want a Ghost Rider costume of your own? Or have something else in mind? Contact us!

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