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Strider, one of the most requested characters to be added  to the roster of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, will be available to fans with the release of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3! As part of the marketing for the upcoming game, Maximilian created a six episode special to highlight the new characters. The first character to appear in this special is Strider Hiryu!

For this costume, we coordinated with Max and decided to go for a gritty, travel-stained look. Our Strider costume consists of:

  • styled wig
  • black sleeveless undershirt
  • eggplant purple sleeveless gi with red painted kanji symbol, and matching tabi shoes
  • blood red one-piece mask and matching sash
  • brown deerhide leather shoulder holster with prop saber
  • prop lightweight metal linked belt (not real metal)
  • cotton gauze wraps for arms, legs and feet
  • black sandals
  • sword

The entire costume was carefully weathered from head to toe so that it looked like a uniform Strider had been wearing on several missions around the world.

Make sure to click “Costumes” up above for more pictures in the very near future.

Want a Strider costume of your own? Or have something else in mind? Contact us!

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