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As you may already know, our own Michael Young played the villainous Albert Wesker in “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Online Warrior” (in the episodes subtitled “Assist Me”.) This web series is hosted by competitive gaming community personality Maximilian, known for his skills in fighting games and first person shooters.

We’re pleased to announce that in upcoming episodes, CosBlade will be responsible for the majority of the costumes and props used for the guest characters. With season two entering pre-production, we’re very excited to be a part of this project! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming episodes, and catch the latest updates right at Max’s YouTube channel here. Feel free to visit his new website,!

For the record, we did not make the Doctor Doom, Amaterasu (“Ammy”), X-23, or Jill Valentine (battle suit) costumes for season one. We did make the Albert Wesker costume (having modified an existing costume and customizing our sunglasses and his Samurai Edge), the camouflage cloak worn by Jill, and the costumes worn by Barry Burton and Jill in the flashback sequences. We have a lot more involvement with season 2, so standby!

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