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If you saw us at Anime Los Angeles last weekend you may have gotten a glimpse of some of our Resident Evil replicas, including a STARS vest, an Umbrella Special Forces (HUNK) vest, an Albert Wesker knife, and some other cool props. Our first big project is to complete a line of STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) uniform pieces and props for our own personal cosplay group.

We’ll also be making most of these pieces available to you! Here is a tentative list of our STARS products, all due by this Spring:

  • STARS Vest (Six different color options!)
  • Women’s STARS Vest (Two different color options!)
  • STARS Armored H-harness
  • STARS Prototype Vest
  • STARS Uniform Shirt
  • STARS T-shirt
  • Women’s STARS T-shirt
  • STARS Thigh Holster
  • Samurai Edge (Six different models!)
  • Silver Serpent
  • Frost Shotgun
  • Aiken Shotgun
  • Redfield Knife
  • Valentine Knife
  • Wesker Knife

We hope to have some pictures up within just a few days. They’ll be posted here on our news page and also put under “Our Products”. Keep an eye out!

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