For those wondering, here is the list of mods for ‘Link’s Adventures in Skyrim’, viewable on my Twitch channel, and hopefully highlighted on YouTube. My complete active mods list will be listed at the bottom, but first up are the ones I downloaded specifically for my Link build. Click the titles for a direct link  [ Read More ]

Arkham-Inspired Batman

On March - 2 - 2015 Comments Off

Batman. He really needs no introduction. Batman is a costume I’ve been trying to build for several years to no avail. I’ve begun the costume multiple times after countless (okay, maybe not “countless”, but easily upwards of a hundred) concept sketches and Google image searches to find the right look for me. As somebody who  [ Read More ]


I am currently working with a new model of sunglasses that allows me to make sunglasses in both “Midnight” and “Afterlife” styles. I should mention it’s not the exact model that was previously used for “Afterlife” replicas. Those are extinct. I can’t find them anymore, and I don’t think they exist. However, the new model  [ Read More ]

Resident Evil Vector Costume Guide

On August - 14 - 2012 Comments Off

I get a lot of requests to make Vector costumes. Like, at least once a week. No joke. I thought I would do something that might help out some of you potential cosplayers (maybe even some of you existing Vector’s, who knows?) by writing a guide on how to acquire Vector’s tactical gear. At first  [ Read More ]

A Lot of News

On August - 1 - 2012 Comments Off

I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news. The bad news is that my prices have to go up substantially. I feel I should try my best to explain why, so here goes. Before I was doing this as a real business, I had the ability to charge whatever I thought sounded  [ Read More ]


On December - 30 - 2011 Comments Off

Everyone’s favorite smack-talking, moon-walking, fourth-wall-breaking anti-hero has arrived!

Resident Evil Vector Fabric Available

On December - 5 - 2011 Comments Off

Looking for a Vector costume? Or want to make your own? Look no further!

Rocket Raccoon

On November - 11 - 2011 Comments Off

Catch our Rocket Raccoon puppet in the latest episode of “Assist Me!”


On November - 2 - 2011 Comments Off

Catch our Vergil costume in “Assist Me!”

Resident Evil HUNK is En Route

On October - 20 - 2011 Comments Off

Check back soon for some great pictures of our HUNK costume!

Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. Uniforms!

On October - 19 - 2011 Comments Off

We have some S.T.A.R.S. equipment to show off!

Albert Wesker

On October - 19 - 2011 Comments Off

Catch our Albert Wesker costume in “Assist Me!”

Ghost Rider

On October - 12 - 2011 Comments Off

Catch our Ghost Rider costume in “Assist Me!”

Strider Hiryu

On October - 5 - 2011 Comments Off

Catch our Strider costume in “Assist Me!”

CosBlade Making Costumes for “Assist Me”

On October - 3 - 2011 Comments Off
Assist Me Logo

In upcoming episodes of “Marvel Vs. Capcom: The Online Warrior ‘ASSIST ME!’”, CosBlade will be responsible for the majority of the costumes and props used for the guest characters.

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Check out our two different styles of Albert Wesker sunglasses in this video!

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